Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heavy Bag Targets

How to Make/Use A Slip Bag

The Slip bag is the tool that boxers use to improve their head movement and make themselves a more elusive target. Mike tysons camp used this training heavily, and his head movement is some of the best ever, it was said that he did it for about 20 minutes a day every day & the result was an impressive knock out record. this corresponds with the slipping punches post I made a few days ago this is the perfect tool to hone your slipping skills & make yourself a much better boxer.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thai Round Kick

Not very familiar with muay thai, but this technique looks pretty solid. I tend to avoid muay thai since I box, and muay thai from what I've seen neglects some fundamentals of boxing, but the kicking aspect of it should definitely be taken into account, those round kicks are alot more powerful than any punch can be and when your trained and conditioned a good round kick is like a bat to the ribs... the jab in boxing is still the best strike to me because its versatile and effective, it may be less powerful, but it can be used in almost any striking situation where big shots like kicks and hooks take more energy and are riskier to pull off. I think moves like this should be strategical and planned ahead of time, like maybe snap a jab out on someone who has good blocking, & When they raise their hand to protect their head, you can then snap the round kick out to their ribs while their hand is too far to stop it. thats just how I would use it though.


Alot of People were Impressed by the omoplata video below but werent sure how to do it themselves, now its hard for me to break down the mechanics of that move via blog, but I'll try to break it down the best I can via other tutorial videos, since theres not much info about the acrobatic version seen below.

Heres the basic form for the omoplota, its basically a shoulder lock like the Kimura but using your legs as the fulcrum instead of your arms.

Heres 1 Variation of the Flying omoplata from the outside, its much more simple than the rolling version, probably more effective too... The acrobatics in the version below probably make this move harder to pull off in a real situation, its hard to say if you would have time to roll like that, or if the opponent wouldn't be able to jerk away when he noticed you were up to something.

Me being an inside fighter, this is my favorite version, it looks real clean and hard to escape ,the outside version looked kinda flimsy to me, like someone could pull away from it easily if they knew it was coming, where this version seems to use alot more leverage.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Flying Omoplata

Ok, so the practical use of this move in a real fight may be a little far fetched but I'll be damned if it doesn't look cool as hell.

BJJ: Triangle Choke

I like this move, very sneaky, most untrained opponents would never expect your legs to be used to choke them from that position and it works well on someone whos attempting to ground and pound which is very common in street fights.