Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm a 20 Year old street boxer, In my day I've encountered punks, losers, winners, champions... And I've also seen my share of wins and losses (more wins though luckily lol) & I'm making this blog in order to use the internet to help Arm those who find themselves at the mercy of insecure thugs and tough guys who find the need to prove their dominance by picking on the defenseless... I completely believe that being a champion is not defined by accomplishments or ego, It may be accompanied by it, but the real champion is the person who is unwilling to give in.. The person who stands firm, the person with conviction, and heart... I don't think anyone should feel a certain way because of a lack of experience or confidence in your fighting abilities. violence when not used in an athletic setting is a primitive method to solve problems. The real winners can use their mind to solve their problems, and don't feel the need to resort to hurting someone else to make their own insecure feeling go away temporarily. So use this as a guide to help you on your own journey into learning your real capabilities. Its best to practice the things learned on here with a partner, I HIGHLY recommend using LIGHT sparring and drilling... And ONLY practice the FORM of the Submission movies and Joint Locks Learned On here... They Are VERY dangerous... And Can Cause SERIOUS injury if not done with Caution. With that said.. Good luck.

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